Bushy Park Stroll

After a morning of admin in front of the computer, I had to go for a quick stroll in Bushy Park before lunch. During my brief wander, I revisited the cut-down tree from earlier this year.

Fascinating to see how it's subtly changed over the last few months with the weather & insects having a go. The light also was nicely different, resulting in these abstracts...

Tate Modern Revisited

The Tate Gallery at Bankside in London is one of those places you always mean to visit and never quite get round to it. This week, however, I had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend so thought this would be the ideal time to go there.

Certainly worth it - I haven't been there since the new viewing gallery was installed so it great to see a new London construction from the inside. Also, it was great being able to look over my home town and see how it had changed since I last took a sky-view from The Shard a couple of years ago.

The viewing gallery itself is quite a neat and precise place. It enables the visitor to scan the city's roof tops and ever-emerging sky scrapers without too much of a touch of vertigo. What did strike me was the amount of cranes, indicating areas of development. It was a reminder of how London is always evolving, developing, changing and growing.

I did take some photos of the skyline, which were quite predictable. Instead of sharing these, I'll post just one image from my trip. By taking a peek around to the right of the gallery, I noticed this particular view overlooking some offices. Thought I'd add my own touch to this lovely set of contrasting lines and surfaces. This is the result.

Pink sapphire & white topaz

Another beautiful evening, another stroll with the camera to take in that gorgeous late summer sun.

The Woodland Garden didn't disappoint last night with the Longford sparkling. The ducks also obliged by swimming past creating some lovely ripples to help with this image...

Also caught the sun through the tree at just the right angle to create this beauty...

Am certainly looking forward to the next couple of weeks of long shadows and the transition to autumn...

Exploring the spectrum

After a lazy Sunday yesterday, I had to get out for some fresh air. Only a short walk today, but a detour from my usual route brought a new subject to my attention.

As I've also been experimenting further with colour, I was quite pleased when I processed one of the original shots to create three different versions.

Back to Bushy...

After three solid weeks of re-examining, selecting, editing and formatting images for my website, it was wonderful to return with the camera to Bushy Park last Friday. I took the bike for an early evening ride, making the most of the glorious sunlight.

Bushy Komorebi 1

Couldn't resist capturing the light coming through these leaves with subtle signs of Autumn starting to show.

I also visited my favourite spot in Bushy Park, The Woodland Gardens, where the evening light was delightfully playing both the trees and Longford River.

Bushy Komorebi 2

One of my last shots of the visit caught the rays reflected off the water, enabling the original for my latest gallery edition. I also took the plunge and played a touch more with the colour balance in post production and came up with this. Will certainly be extending the colour range to get the full spectrum...

Bushy Jewels 17