Brighton Jive

On a chilly afternoon while walking along the promenade at Brighton, I noticed a smartly dressed individual wearing a top hat. This dapper chap was on the Bandstand and, when I got closer, saw that he was dancing a jive with his partner. Couldn't resist taking some candid shots of this talented couple. With their permission, of course.

After they'd finished, I found out they were from Brighton Jive, run by Mr Top Hat himself, Colin Tenn. Colin has been dancing 1940s' & 50s'-style jive since 1994 and has a passion for dancing to the authentic Big Band Swing, Rhythm & Blues and Rock'n'Roll of the era. The reason why they were dancing on the Bandstand was that Colin had hired the hat and suit for an event the night before and was making the most of it. Was great fun shooting them.