Following a brief trip to Rome last year, I was inspired by the city’s ancient surfaces I came across. This lead to creating the following images from my observations in the Eternal City.

Fragmentation & Form

After a moment of technical inspiration, I’ve been experimenting with developing my designs. Here are the first results:

Am quite excited about this & looking forward to taking my designs to another level.

Bushy Reflections

With my next college project underway, I took a visit to Bushy Park to test out a newly introduced technique. Time lapse photography. Still getting my head round the concept as there's a lot to consider when undertaking this way of capturing movement.

Nevertheless, it gave me the opportunity to practice in my favourite spot & concoct these new abstracts.

Brighton Belles

Well, it's been a long while since I've put a post up. Life has been quite busy with my last term's work for my BTEC Level 3 Photography at Richmond Adult Community College.

I recently had the opportunity to whisk myself down to Brighton & spend a day on the beach. I didn't take too many photos as it was a day of chatting with a friend & cloud gazing, but I did capture a few shots which I've abstracted. Need to return there soon, even if it's just for blast for fresh sea air!

Rooted in Nature

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Braine at a local The Athena Network Summer Party. This motivating organisation encourages women in business to inspire and support others for greater success.

Rachel is a talented interior designer who has been running her own consultancy for the last 14 years. When I won a two-hour consultation with her in a raffle at the event, I was very pleased. Having recently moved, I needed a touch of outside advice as to get my new abode looking as good as possible.

During my consultation, Rachel gave me some fantastic ideas and advice as to how I could do this effectively, both in style and cost. It also have me the opportunity to show Rachel my work and see if I could assist her with future projects. Rachel took a shine to one of my images and thought it would be ideal for her home.

Rachel said "I have been looking for a piece of art for my new bedroom for some months but hadn't found quite the right thing till I met Jennie Meadows recently and saw a selection of her abstract photographic prints.

I took a few small samples home to try and chose this beautiful print of a tree section in indigo blues printed on metal. I have had it enlarged to suit my wall area but the quality of the image is still very sharp with the metal background creating an iridescent effect which changes with the light. I like the fact that although it is essentially an abstract work it is 'rooted' in nature".

And here it is on Rachel's wall! Lovely to see my work in this size (60cm x 40cm). Fits in perfectly... another wonderful bit of work by The Print Foundry.

For further details on Rachel's services, please visit:

A glowing testimonial...

A statement from my latest satisfied customer. Thanks to the lovely Judy Sarsby for her encouragement and support in my path to where I am now!

"I followed Jennie's journey through the trees of Bushy park with great enjoyment and became even more transfixed when the micro study embraced the bark only. Her images are stunning and a conversation point.

I recently bought a set of four prints which, with their modern twist and beautiful colours combined with the natural wonder of wood, I thought I'd put up in our mountain chalet. However, I've decided  I don't want to leave them there and will redecorate to accommodate them in the bedroom. Stunning, eye catching, vibrant and original work!"

These are the images Judy chose...

Bushy Park Stroll

After a morning of admin in front of the computer, I had to go for a quick stroll in Bushy Park before lunch. During my brief wander, I revisited the cut-down tree from earlier this year.

Fascinating to see how it's subtly changed over the last few months with the weather & insects having a go. The light also was nicely different, resulting in these abstracts...

Tate Modern Revisited

The Tate Gallery at Bankside in London is one of those places you always mean to visit and never quite get round to it. This week, however, I had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend so thought this would be the ideal time to go there.

Certainly worth it - I haven't been there since the new viewing gallery was installed so it great to see a new London construction from the inside. Also, it was great being able to look over my home town and see how it had changed since I last took a sky-view from The Shard a couple of years ago.

The viewing gallery itself is quite a neat and precise place. It enables the visitor to scan the city's roof tops and ever-emerging sky scrapers without too much of a touch of vertigo. What did strike me was the amount of cranes, indicating areas of development. It was a reminder of how London is always evolving, developing, changing and growing.

I did take some photos of the skyline, which were quite predictable. Instead of sharing these, I'll post just one image from my trip. By taking a peek around to the right of the gallery, I noticed this particular view overlooking some offices. Thought I'd add my own touch to this lovely set of contrasting lines and surfaces. This is the result.