Tate Modern Revisited

The Tate Gallery at Bankside in London is one of those places you always mean to visit and never quite get round to it. This week, however, I had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend so thought this would be the ideal time to go there.

Certainly worth it - I haven't been there since the new viewing gallery was installed so it great to see a new London construction from the inside. Also, it was great being able to look over my home town and see how it had changed since I last took a sky-view from The Shard a couple of years ago.

The viewing gallery itself is quite a neat and precise place. It enables the visitor to scan the city's roof tops and ever-emerging sky scrapers without too much of a touch of vertigo. What did strike me was the amount of cranes, indicating areas of development. It was a reminder of how London is always evolving, developing, changing and growing.

I did take some photos of the skyline, which were quite predictable. Instead of sharing these, I'll post just one image from my trip. By taking a peek around to the right of the gallery, I noticed this particular view overlooking some offices. Thought I'd add my own touch to this lovely set of contrasting lines and surfaces. This is the result.