New Portraits

Am very excited and pleased to present a selection of my latest series of portraits. This project gave me the opportunity to try out several techniques and effects. Thanks so much to my model and inspiration, Max.

A Travertine Tale

This is the latest of my Romanesque images, an abstract taken from the travertine wall outside the Museo dell’Ara Pacis.

Romanesque 4

Designed by American architect, Richard Meier, this controversial building houses the Ara Pacis of Augustus, a marble altar that has been at this location since 9 B.C. Opened in 2006, the museum was built to protect the ancient monument from the rigors of its urban environment.

The building is constructed from steel, travertine, glass and plaster. Travertine is a type of limestone that is frequently used in Italy as a building material. Both Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Michaelangelo used travertine in their creations. For further details of the museum, visit


Following a brief trip to Rome last year, I was inspired by the city’s ancient surfaces I came across. This lead to creating the following images from my observations in the Eternal City.

Fragmentation & Form

After a moment of technical inspiration, I’ve been experimenting with developing my designs. Here are the first results:

Am quite excited about this & looking forward to taking my designs to another level.

Smooth on silk

Am so pleased to bring news of a new development with my imagery. Earlier this year, I approached a venture, David Watson, that produces stunning silk products featuring the work of UK artists. I am now one the featured artists.

I was extremely proud to be chosen & here is the result:

To purchase this stunning scarf measuring 90cm x 90cm, please visit There is also a pocket square available in the same design.

The Prince

Portrait photography is another of my passions and an aspect of photography I will be progressing.

This image plays with the aesthetics of the traditional portrait, giving an unsettling perception of fragmented beauty. Inspired by the work of Maurizio Anzeri and Kate MccGwire, the portrait is the result from one of the projects from my HNC photography course.



Twitten is a two-minute film utilising a series of still images taken over a three-week period, observing Boundary Passage set between Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. Twitten is the Sussex word for alley. The piece was inspired by Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities and film makers George Albert Smith, Mark Leckey and Woody & Steina Vasulka.

The music is The Waltz, courtesy of composer and pianist Alessandra Celletti, taken from her recent album, Sacred Honey.

Brighton Pride 2018

A glorious sunny day, a riot of colour in Brighton. Here are the photos I took of this fabulous event.

This is a selection I took of the Brighton School of Samba - fabulous drumming. Really added to the electric atmosphere.

Will be back next year!

Brighton Jive

On a chilly afternoon while walking along the promenade at Brighton, I noticed a smartly dressed individual wearing a top hat. This dapper chap was on the Bandstand and, when I got closer, saw that he was dancing a jive with his partner. Couldn't resist taking some candid shots of this talented couple. With their permission, of course.

After they'd finished, I found out they were from Brighton Jive, run by Mr Top Hat himself, Colin Tenn. Colin has been dancing 1940s' & 50s'-style jive since 1994 and has a passion for dancing to the authentic Big Band Swing, Rhythm & Blues and Rock'n'Roll of the era. The reason why they were dancing on the Bandstand was that Colin had hired the hat and suit for an event the night before and was making the most of it. Was great fun shooting them.

Impressions of Rome

During the recent Christmas holidays, I had the pleasure of visiting many museums & churches plus exploring the city. This included the Vatican Museum (including the Sistine Chapel), St Peter's, the Maxxi, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni,  Complesso del Vittoriano & the Museo Nazionale Romano. Works on display included those of Claude Monet, Piero Fornasetti, Ugo Rondinone, Edward Munch, Leonardo Da Vinci, August Rodin, Gian Lorenzo Bernini & Caravaggio.

From cutting-edge digital imagery to expertly carved marble hundreds of year old, there is just so much to see & take in in this culturally rich metropolis. Observing the streets & squares plus the people in them was just as fascinating. This is a selection of photos from my visit.

Bushy Reflections

With my next college project underway, I took a visit to Bushy Park to test out a newly introduced technique. Time lapse photography. Still getting my head round the concept as there's a lot to consider when undertaking this way of capturing movement.

Nevertheless, it gave me the opportunity to practice in my favourite spot & concoct these new abstracts.

Brighton Belles

Well, it's been a long while since I've put a post up. Life has been quite busy with my last term's work for my BTEC Level 3 Photography at Richmond Adult Community College.

I recently had the opportunity to whisk myself down to Brighton & spend a day on the beach. I didn't take too many photos as it was a day of chatting with a friend & cloud gazing, but I did capture a few shots which I've abstracted. Need to return there soon, even if it's just for blast for fresh sea air!

A kingfisher in Bushy Park!

The weather hasn't been too great recently, but on Sunday 15th January, I had to go for a walk in the park. It was dull and soggy, but great getting out into the fresh air after a few days cooped up at home.

While pottering in the Water Gardens by the Waterhouse Pond, I muttered to myself 'I've never seen a kingfisher'. Then, low and behold, guess what flitted past? Yes, a kingfisher! I've seen many different fowl in the park, but this little beauty had always eluded me.

What really struck me was how small it is - only about 6 inches high. I thought they were at least twice that size. It also moved very fast, so I was exceedingly chuffed to capture these images.

I then walked to one of my favourite spots and caught the rain splashes and reflections in the Longford River. The following is a selection of refracted abstractions.

Definitely a worthwhile outing, despite a very muddy pair of boots...

Bushy Autumn Colours

After a miserable and misty day, I was quite relieved to see this morning the sun returning. Just couldn't resist a soul-cleansing walk through the beautiful Woodland Gardens in Bushy Park.

Captured these lovely images and encountered a cheeky chap who probably thought there was something quite delicious in my handbag.

All of these haven't been edited, but one shot which was tweaked has to be my favourite.

Rooted in Nature

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Braine at a local The Athena Network Summer Party. This motivating organisation encourages women in business to inspire and support others for greater success.

Rachel is a talented interior designer who has been running her own consultancy for the last 14 years. When I won a two-hour consultation with her in a raffle at the event, I was very pleased. Having recently moved, I needed a touch of outside advice as to get my new abode looking as good as possible.

During my consultation, Rachel gave me some fantastic ideas and advice as to how I could do this effectively, both in style and cost. It also have me the opportunity to show Rachel my work and see if I could assist her with future projects. Rachel took a shine to one of my images and thought it would be ideal for her home.

Rachel said "I have been looking for a piece of art for my new bedroom for some months but hadn't found quite the right thing till I met Jennie Meadows recently and saw a selection of her abstract photographic prints.

I took a few small samples home to try and chose this beautiful print of a tree section in indigo blues printed on metal. I have had it enlarged to suit my wall area but the quality of the image is still very sharp with the metal background creating an iridescent effect which changes with the light. I like the fact that although it is essentially an abstract work it is 'rooted' in nature".

And here it is on Rachel's wall! Lovely to see my work in this size (60cm x 40cm). Fits in perfectly... another wonderful bit of work by The Print Foundry.

For further details on Rachel's services, please visit:

In a reflective mood

With lovely sunshine, a pre-lunch stroll in Bushy Park was required today and a welcome break from the screen. Also, I need to get back to taking some photos and getting familiar with the camera again.

The sun today was quite strong and lower in the sky. You could definitely tell the season had changed and not just by the browning leaves.

No bark today as the light wasn't right for this, but caught the following abstracted reflections instead (none of which have been edited). Was quite pleased with these results.

I also caught a lovely splash of komorebi. Apart from the crop, this hasn't been edited either. A walk worth taking most certainly...

A glowing testimonial...

A statement from my latest satisfied customer. Thanks to the lovely Judy Sarsby for her encouragement and support in my path to where I am now!

"I followed Jennie's journey through the trees of Bushy park with great enjoyment and became even more transfixed when the micro study embraced the bark only. Her images are stunning and a conversation point.

I recently bought a set of four prints which, with their modern twist and beautiful colours combined with the natural wonder of wood, I thought I'd put up in our mountain chalet. However, I've decided  I don't want to leave them there and will redecorate to accommodate them in the bedroom. Stunning, eye catching, vibrant and original work!"

These are the images Judy chose...